Laboratory Equipment

Currently the AA&R laboratory is equipped with:

  • A polarised light microscope (‘PLM’) with UV fluorescence and UV-visible-near IR micro-spectrophotometer , used for particle characterisation and for the examination of paint cross-sections;

  • A scanning electron microscope with energy dispersive X-ray spectrometry (‘SEM-EDX’), used for elemental analysis of small samples;

  • A Raman microscope, used for molecular characterisation of small samples;

  • A Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy system (‘FTIR’), used for molecular characterisation and mapping of small samples;

  • Pyrolysis-Gas chromatography-Mass spectrometry (‘GCMS’ and ‘py-GCMS’), used for identification of organic binding media such as drying oils and synthetic resins.

  • High performance liquid chromatography (‘HPLC’), used for identification of dyestuffs;

  • A micro-focus X-ray fluorescence (‘µXRF’) and a fibre-optic probe for the Raman system, allowing in situ measurements to be made on paintings for pigment characterisation.

We also undertake other forms of analysis in house, such as diagnostic staining of paint samples for proteins, as well as advanced analytical services such as for ‘bomb curve’ radiocarbon measurements and dendrochronology.