Financial & Collections

For those lending against art or insuring its value, proper due diligence must include reliable evaluation of the risk. Careful and appropriate surveys of the material aspects of art portfolios can help protect against unnecessary exposure. AA&R offer a range of relevant services from assessment of condition, authentication of art studies and ultra-high resolution imaging for security. We can also liaise with a range of other specialists as part of a holistic solution tailored to your specific needs.

Assembling and managing a collection presents many challenges. Pre-purchase, AA&R can assist with evaluations of art you want to buy, including reviewing documentation supporting offers and undertaking independent assessments. Post-purchase, we can help manage your collection through developing a deeper understanding of artworks, including specialist technical research, writing of catalogue entries, preparing ultra-high resolution images for documentation and sharing as well as supporting conservation treatments.

We also offer services to Artists’ Foundations ranging from help with developing and protecting the understanding of an artist’s works, developing conservation approaches, preparation of catalogues raisonnés, through to supporting educational remits.