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Dr Jilleen Nadolny

Dr. Jilleen Nadolny, Principal Investigator, London

Jilleen Nadolny obtained a BFA from Pratt Institute, New York, before studying for a double MA degree in History of Art and Art Conservation at New York University. In 2000, she completed a PhD in Technical Art History at the Courtauld Institute, London. Subsequently, she accepted a position at the University of Oslo as Associate Professor in the Department of Conservation, where she taught history and ethics of conservation, technical art history and examination techniques for works of art. In January 2010 she joined AA&R. She has been actively involved in developing the wider field of technical art history, notably with the ICOM-CC Art Technological Source Research (ATSR) working group, helping to organize and edit the proceedings of a number of conferences. Dr. Nadolny’s research and publications focus on art technology of paintings and written sources for the same, the history of scientific analysis of works of art, the reception of scientific techniques and material studies within the field of art history, art forgery and conservation history and ethics.

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Nica Gutman Rieppi

Nica Gutman Rieppi, Principal Investigator, New York

Nica Gutman Rieppi took a BA in History of Art and French at Emory University, Atlanta, before studying for her MA and Certificate of Advanced Study in Art Conservation at the State University College, Buffalo, and an MA in History of Art at the Institute of Fine Arts, New York University. She held posts as Andrew Mellon Fellow, John H. McFadden Fellow and Assistant Conservator at the Philadelphia Museum of Art. Since 2001, she has subsequently been Associate Conservator for the Samuel H. Kress Collection at the Conservation Center of the IFA in New York where she also taught graduate students technical examination and imaging techniques. She continues as Adjunct Professor. She has recently joined AA&R as Senior Research Associate, managing the company’s New York office. Ms. Rieppi’s academic interests focus on the technical examination of works of art and she has undertaken and published important studies such as on the recent rediscovery of Leonardo da Vinci’s lost Salvator Mundi.

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Tiina Koivulahti, Principal Investigator, Jyväskylä Finland

Tiina Koivulahti is art historian and co-founder of RECENART – the Research Centre for Art based in Finland – which was acquired by Art Analysis & Research in June 2016.She took an MA degree in 2000 and a Lic.Phil. in 2007 in History of Art at the University of Jyväskylä, Finland. In 1998 Ms. Koivulahtistudied art history at the University of Genova, Italy. Her research has focused on attribution and provenance research of various works of art. Ms. Koivulahti has worked for many years as a researcher and professor of art history but also as a coordinator and project manager at the University of Jyväskylä. She has also worked in the broader museum field and as an art expert. Her academic interests are in attribution of works of art, provenance research and art collecting. Ms. Koivulahti’s specialty field is Nazi-confiscated art.

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Dr. Nicholas Eastaugh, Chief Scientist

Dr Nicholas Eastaugh

Nicholas Eastaugh originally trained as a physicist before going on to study conservation and art history at the Courtauld Institute of Art, London, where he completed a PhD in scientific analysis and documentary research of historical pigments in 1988. Since 1989 he has been a consultant in the scientific and art technological study of paint and paintings. A frequent lecturer, he is also a Visiting Research Fellow at the University of Oxford. In 1999 he co-founded the Pigmentum Project, an interdisciplinary research group developing comprehensive high-quality documentary and analytical data on historical pigments and other artists’ materials. This led to the publication of The Pigment Compendium in 2004, which quickly became a standard reference text in the field. He is also founder and Director of AA&R. Dr. Eastaugh has wide research and publication interests, including developing chronologies of historical materials and the history of technology as applicable to art materials as well as analytical and documentation standards, databases and novel imaging technologies.

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